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Shanghai style

A few months ago I found myself wandering the streets of Beijing and Shanghai on a work trip. It wasn’t my first time in China, but it was the first time I really paid attention to the street style, and I was really enthusiastic about what I saw.

I quickly fell in love with all the dresses: ruffle dresses with nipped-in waists; shirt dresses with wide belts and pockets; floaty pleated dresses with tiny floral prints. I bought one of each of those styles, and a couple of pairs of the most comfortable shoes to have ever graced my feet.

Dress: similar | Bag: Accessorize | Sunglasses: Twisted Eyewear

These cute buckle shoes have a hidden twist — they’re not buckled up at all, but a hook behind the buckle holds it in place. It may have taken me and my photographer a minute or two to figure that out.

This is a fun location to shoot photos, all grand and imposing with its echoes of centuries past. When I’m not actually in photos I love to photograph historic architecture from various angles.

The fashion blogs are full of autumn clothes and I’m trying to figure out if I can get away with wearing this dress under a coat before I get into boots for the season.

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