In my element

Welcome to my world…

I’m a London-based journalist with a passion for all things fashion, beauty, photography, and travel.

Professionally I’ve landed in the more prosaic world of business journalism, so this is a place for me to branch out and explore my other writing voice.

I’ve been blogging in some form or another since 2003 (wow, oops) and ran a now-neglected food blog reviewing gluten-free vegan restaurant options in London and whichever far-flung destination I found myself – dineglutenfreevegan.co.uk. (The site is currently down, but I’m working on restoring it.)

I’ve been bitten hard by the travel bug and take millions of photos wherever I go (only a slight exaggeration). I’ve been in the great position of travelling a lot for work as well as pleasure in the last few years, so I’ve got some stories to share!

So, why Style Punch?

I’m half Afro-Caribbean, specifically Bajan, and I love me a rum punch cocktail. There are endless ways of making rum punch; throw in a slug of this, a bit of that, improvise and you end up with all manner of delicious variations… like mixing and remixing clothes and accessories to create an outfit! My interests too are mixed — from outfits to beauty to homeware, food and travel. You could also say it’s like my background — a bit Bajan, a bit Jewish, with some English, Dutch, German and who knows what else thrown in… And then the fashion theme called to mind references to ‘packing a sartorial punch.’

So it was that Style Punch was born.

Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, etc. Thanks for stopping by… pick up a glass and stay awhile!