Top mobile apps for the digital nomad
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Top 8 apps for the digital nomad

I love a good app. My phone is crammed with apps for everything — if a site offers an app I’m more likely to use that than fire up my laptop… providing it’s well-designed of course. When you’re travelling all the time, it’s so convenient to open a few apps on your phone and get …

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Gluten free vegan lemon pistachio cupcakes

Gluten-free vegan recipe: Lemon pistachio cupcakes

I can’t believe I’ve had this blog all this time and I haven’t posted anything under the Food category until now! I’m gluten-free and vegan and a total foodie, although uprooting my life and then being on lockdown have me posting less than I planned. I’ve got a gluten-free vegan guide to Barbados on my …

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A month under lockdown

April went quite fast and at the same time lasted about seven weeks. We went from overnight curfew into full lockdown in Barbados, only permitted to leave the house to visit the doctor/pharmacy or petrol station. After a couple of weeks the supermarkets reopened. Two days a week have been allocated for going to the …

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