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One month in… Barbados like a local

My intention for the first month of my new nomadic life was summed up in one word: indolence. Or, more appropriately for my locale: liming. (Liming is Bajan for chilling out, especially with friends, food and drinks.)

I needed time to reset and re-evaluate given my new reality. Running around the island sightseeing and eating out and taking photos will come, but I wanted to start with sleep and plenty of beach time.

And so one month in I feel like I have little to report. I’ve spent my days going to the closest beach or taking the crazy minivans that serve as buses into Bridgetown (also known as simply “town”) to go to the market where I buy vegetables and fresh coconut water. Or quite often staying home, working on setting things up for my freelance business during the day, and hanging out chatting to friends in the evening. It’s been blissful.

I’m renting an apartment up in the hills of St James parish, away from the tourists who are experiencing Barbados quite differently. Each week I travel through town and out to Christchurch to spend time with my grandmother and extended family and raid their fruit trees.

Through the window of the minibus I watch the sunburned visitors strolling down the street in Rockley, Hastings and Oistins to the beachfront cafes. Some of them look unnerved by the lack of pavements and the yelling minivan drivers, but they all look happy. I watch them out on boats, jetskis and surfboards. I watch them return to their hotels and holiday villas.

I’ve been enjoying feeling like a local and I’m emerging from my lazy phase motivated and re-energised. I’ll report back on my favourite beach.

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