Invest like a #girlboss: a beginner's guide

Invest like a #girlboss: a beginner’s guide – my shiny new ebook!

I’m really excited to post this. Several months ago I had the idea to write an ebook on investing in the stock market aimed at women. Several of my female friends have expressed an interest in investing, but said they lacked the confidence and knowledge to start. They’re not alone – studies show that only 21% of women in the UK are currently investing in the markets, but interestingly, those that do often achieve better returns than men!

So, I’ve compiled a guide that explains why more women should become investors and breaks down the basics of how and where to start buying and selling shares. You’ll learn about investment strategies, account types, placing a trade and the tools that will help you make investing decisions.

It’s heavy on infographics so readers can take in the information in bite-sized pieces and refer back to it.

Invest like a #girlboss preview

If you’re a woman who has ever wondered about how to get started with investing this is for you. It’s geared towards women investing in the UK in terms of the details on account providers and taxes, but the investing principles apply to everyone. And if you’re a man, get it for the women in your life. 😉

Click through to buy Invest like a #girlboss at a special launch price of 50% off!

3 thoughts on “Invest like a #girlboss: a beginner’s guide – my shiny new ebook!”

  1. Oooh! It is so cool that you released your own ebook! I love the design of it. It is so important to invest money – your future self will thank you. It is great that you are sharing all of this knowledge on investments and everything!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Thanks for your kind comment Nancy! (I’m sorry I just realised I forgot to reply to you!) Investing is so important and I love to encourage people to learn more about it. 🙂

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