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Four outfit picks for home workouts during coronavirus lockdown

With most of us around the world barely leaving our houses during this coronavirus pandemic lockdown, getting to the gym, studio, or outside for a workout has become impossible. While my friends in London are allowed to go out once a day for some exercise, creating an impromptu nation of joggers, here in Barbados we’ve been asked to only go out to the small village shops, doctors/pharmacies or petrol stations. Even the supermarkets are closed.

At this point I’m really missing regular reformer pilates classes, especially because I was planning to cram in some sessions during a two-week stopover I was supposed to be having in London on the way to southeast Asia. At least I’ve brought my pilates mat with me to Barbados, and I’ve been using it (though not as much as I would like!) to do some workouts with the help of YouTube.

Om & Ah donut juice cleanse vest

I’ve got a thing about workout clothes (well, all clothes really), and a fun print gives me a little boost if my motivation is flagging.

So I thought I’d share a few of my favourite pieces I brought with me, to give you some ideas if you’re looking for a little inspiration.

If there was ever a slogan that sums me up it’s this one, given my love for kale smoothies and baking gluten-free vegan doughnuts. This vest always makes me smile. It’s from Om & Ah London, and while this vest isn’t in stock anymore on their site they’ve got some other lovely options or you can find the t-shirt version here.

The fabric itself is soft and light — perfect for keeping you as cool as you can be while working up a sweat. I tend to wear this one for a more intense workout like body combat.

The Glacier Co yoga set

For pilates I usually like to wear something fitted so I can check my posture in a mirror during a stretch. I adore the print of this yoga set and the crossover design of the top. The leggings are great because the yoga pants I’ve got from Sweaty Betty and Lululemon are loose and slide down your legs if you raise them from the mat. Use my affiliate code, stylepunch, at The Glacier Co to get 20% off!

Onzie Wild Heart boxy tee

Here in tropical Barbados I’ve been wearing crop tops and shorts, because even mat pilates feels like cardio in the heat. When I was working in London I would go to the pilates studio after work, and one time I’d forgotten to bring my workout clothes with me but was determined to go to the class. Ten Pilates sells a selection of exercise gear, and it happened to be having a sale so I picked up this beautifully soft boxy tee by Onzie. It’s sold out on their site, but still available here. It’s another light and airy option that’s also comfortable to wear when I’m working away on my laptop.

The good thing about working out at home is that other people can’t see you — so with the heat I’ve most often been wearing little shorts that I would never wear to the gym! I picked up the Nike set in Vietnam a few years ago and have rarely worn it until now. You can find similar shorts to the Nike ones and get a discount with my affiliate code at The Glacier Co.

Pilates grip socks

If you’re doing pilates don’t forgot grippy socks — mine are from Ten Pilates and Lululemon. You can find a very similar pair to the Ten socks on Amazon (affiliate link). The Gaiam pilates mat (different from a yoga mat in that it’s double the thickness) is available on their site.

How are you exercising during lockdown? Have you got a favourite workout outfit?

4 thoughts on “Four outfit picks for home workouts during coronavirus lockdown”

  1. I admit that during lock down my work out outfit have been what ever I wore at that time. So most of the time it’s been jeans and a t-shirt. If just the jeans have a bit of stretch it’s no problem. I know myself well enough that if I had to change clothes to do a worj out at home I would never get it done 😛

  2. I love the donut tank top. So true! And nice job making it easier for people to workout at home. Our health is always important but especially now.

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