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Things have changed quite a lot in past few weeks.

My original plan — when I left London to embark on full-time travel unknowingly at the start of a global pandemic — was to spend three months here in Barbados. I would then pop back to London for two weeks, before strapping on my backpack and heading out to Thailand for a meandering trip through to Laos and then Cambodia. From there I would head back to London, switch out my backpack for my suitcases full of clothes and skincare and fly off to Toronto for the summer.

Travel art and skincare books
Travel and skincare — two of my great loves

None of that is going to happen as planned (for now I’m holding out hope for Toronto), so I’m staying put in Barbados. Oh, the hardship. Thankfully I was able to extend renting my flat and hire car and I’m surrounded by friends and family. And beaches. And sunshine.

With so many changes to my freelance life on the road, I got out my planners. How many of you still like physical diaries and notebooks? I rely on my phone notifications, but I like to have stylish physical books to make organising myself a pleasure rather than a chore.

I’ve been buying diaries from Australia-based An Organised Life for several years. The hardback signature diary has thoughtful goals, budgeting and notes sections to prompt you in your mindfulness. As a bonus it comes with a pen and beautiful presentation box. The new travel journal makes a lovely companion. It has sections for checklists, itineraries, recommendations and other notes as well as budgeting. The option to add monograms is a nice touch. At the moment you can get a free monogrammed notebook with purchase. Not an ad, I just love these planners.

Stylish black diary, travel journal, Page Anchor bookmark, notebook

I discovered the beautiful Page Anchor metal bookmark on Instagram (Instagram ads have got me good). It’s great for holding books open on the beach (or one day when I’m flying again). You can find a lower-priced option on Amazon.

As I’m juggling freelance work and various projects I’m working on (more on which, later), I need to keep track of all the different threads. I definitely could be doing better on this front. I wish the cute little Blognotes notebook was still available — I bought it years ago and the website selling it doesn’t seem to exist anymore, sadly. Now I’m using it sparingly and need to track down a substitute.

How do you keep yourself organised?

An Organised Life diary and travel planner

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