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I’m not ready for summer to be over

The air has changed in London. There is a breeze, carrying the scent of aged leaves through the shadowed streets. The sun is low in the sky, its warmth not quite reaching bare arms resistant to autumn’s layers.

Dress: Batigel | Sunglasses: Twisted Eyewear | Bracelets: Leo Mazzotti
Shoes: New Look (old)

It’s always amusing to me to people watch at this time of year. Some walk down the street in sandals; others in boots. Some breeze past in short sleeves; others bundle up in furry coats. 

I’m definitely one of those people that transitions to cooler weather by piling layers under and over my summer clothes for a few weeks. Leggings under dresses, knitwear and jackets over sleeveless tops.

This weekend felt like a last gasp of summer, with sunshine in the mid-20s. I meandered through Kensington Gardens, watching the crisp leaves tumble from the trees.These photos were taken a few weeks ago, when cloud rolled in over a hot and humid day. I love a dress with pockets, so I’ve been wearing this one with a leather jacket while I still can, with its fun pineapple print that pairs perfectly with my yellow shoes.

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