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  • To Kill A Mockingbird

    By Vic0605
    Awesome read!
  • First book I’d ever finished

    By ToriAlina
    Great book
  • One of the worst books I have ever read

    By JeremyWill_You
    Like I said, this is one of the worst books I have ever read. If you don’t like Lord of the Flies, you won’t like this one. The story goes nowhere, the Finches live in Maycomb where NOTHING happens, and they spend the whole book trying to get Boo Radley to come out of the house because supposedly he “died” in a fire a long time ago. I don’t even understand how books like these get ANY type of award. And kids are reading this in the schools? Why don’t they just let them read their own book and write a book report on that.
  • Still relevant

    By UHLC
    What a read!
  • Boring

    By GNA111
    Yeah this was ridiculously boring waste of 12 bux
  • Amazing

    By Mc Donald's man
    Great book very detailed totally suggest reading!
  • Good for adults

    By This was epic
    I recommend this book to adults even though I’m 10. This is a guided reading level Z book which is the hardest type but I’m smart so I understand it. I rate it 6 stars
  • Awesome

    By Hehshjwiw
  • One of the Great Novels

    By Denim Diva
    This is one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written.
  • A Great Read with an even greater introspection

    By ReadgirlRead
    Although published over 50 years ago, Harper Lee masterfully shows the introduction to racism through a child's eye. The various relationships that a child encounters shows you how they absorb information and a cultural view. This book can be related to modern day events while challenging your inner moral compass.